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Quarterly Bundle

Several times each year, Lou-Mac will introduce a set of approximately 5 new titles for $35. Each month, one of the songs in the bundle will be made available for single purchase at $9.00, while the bundle remains available at $35.. When all songs in the bundle have been released as singles, a new bundle will be introduced.

2018 Fall Quarter

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Number Title Caller Samples
Number Title Caller Samples
LM 301 Brickyard Blues Robert Townsend MusicVocalSheet
LM 296 Blue Lady 2018 Kip Garvey MusicHarmonyVocalSheet
LM 295 Time Ray Brendzy MusicVocalSheet
LM 290 Rose Colored Blues Kip Garvey MusicHarmonyVocalSheet
LM 283 He Went To Paris Vic Kaaria MusicVocalSheet

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Special Offers

How These Work

  1. Add songs to your shopping cart from our Music page
  2. Come back here and click one of the offer buttons
  3. The appropriate number of songs will be "packaged" in your cart for the listed price
  4. When you return from PayPal, you will have a download button for each song you've purchased, including the ones which were packaged.

Any 5 songs for $33

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Any 10 songs for $65

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Any 15 songs for $75

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The Complete Lou-Mac Published Collection

The complete collection is for every tune published by Lou-Mac from 1997 to Dec 2016. A combination of patter and singing calls, totaling 100 Tunes in all for for the amazing low price of $250.00

Annual updates for future years will be made available for $50.00 per year. Contact our sales representative for details.

NOTE: The complete collection offer can't be delivered by instant download. Once we have received confirmation of payment from PayPal, we will email download instructions to you.

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