Blue Lady 2018  (Lou Mac 296)   Kip Garvey


4 ladies promenade, walking inside that ring
Get on home and swing Lordy everybody swing
Join all of your hands, circle along
Allemande with the corner, and you weave the ring
Blue were the skies and blue were your eyes
Swing the girl and promenade,
Come back Blue lady, come back,

and don't you be blue anymore



Heads (sides) Square Thru all the way around

Get all the way around to the corner with a Do Sa Do  
Swing thru tonight here’s where the boys run right

You Tag the Line Left all the way thru for me, face to the right

a Ferris Wheel and then the centers pass thru,

swing the corner waitin’ there and promenade
So Come back, blue lady, come back
And don't you be blue anymore


Swing her
Don't you be blue anymore