Young World (LM 273) Robert Townsend

Opener, Middle Break and Closer

Sides Face Grand Square

It's a young world When you're in love your in a young world

So take my hand and let me show you just how true young love can be

Allemande and Weave


Itís a young world and if you tell me youíre my one girl

Youíll make my whole life worth living just by giving your love to me.



Heads (Sides) Promenade travel half way in time,

Walk In and Square Thru to Four,

All the way do the Right and Left Thru

Veer Left Ferris Wheel I cry

Square thru to 3 hands round Swing the Corner promenade


Figure 4

Sides Face Grand Square


All of the world is a treasure, when you have someone who cares

 Promise me your love forever, we'll have the whole world to share

Heads Square Thru 4 Swing the Corner promenade


If you believe what I told you let me hold you say you love me 


Chain the ladies over and back

Just take my and and let me show you how true love can be