Sides Face, Grand Square

Well the suns coming up and I’m staring at a cup of tequila,

Trying to find the courage to turn my self around, Allemande and Weave

Every time I take another sip I can see her, looking back at me like I might drown.



H (S) Those Heads Square Thru in the middle of the ring you know you make a Right Hand Star,

Heads Star Left one time around, same two Right and Left Thru,

Swing thru and then your going to Swing Thru again Swing the Corner and Promenade

I guess it takes time for a fool to see he was wrong

*Biloxi this time I’m coming home to stay


Middle Break - Ending

Sides Face, Grand Square

There’s a dark eyed lady lying at home in Biloxi,

The miles and the cold are beginning to rattle my bones, Allemande and Weave

Sometimes it takes leaving for a man to see he was lucky,

So Seaboard Highway take the boy back home


Tag: So Seaboard Highway take the boy back home

LM 229 – Biloxi Lady

Robert Townsend