I know One    (LM 218)   Don Wood


Sides Face Grand Square

When all your loves have ended, when your race is run, Who’ll be around to want you after the things done

Four Ladies chain and turn here chain her back and promenade

How many fools would want you, I Know One


Heads Square thru to four hands round, you meet the sides make a right hand star ( half way), veer left and Ferris wheel center four pass thru that way,  Swing thru and then the boys trade,

Swing and promenade,

How many fools would want you, I know one.




Sides Face Grand Square

Four ladies chain ¾,  Role away and circle left

Who will be around to want you

Allemande  and weave the set

Only a fool would do it, after the things you’ve done

How many fools would want you, I know one




Sides Face Grand Square


After the parties over, after your friends have flown, who will be around to hold you when your down and all alone,

Four ladies chain and turn her, chain her back and promenade,

If you’ll take a fool who loves you, I know one


I know one