LM 217 Christmas Train Ride – Don Wood


Sides Face Grand Square

I can hear a train coming, and I know it’s Christmas time again

I can hear that whistle blowing as it comes around the bend  

Allemande and Weave

It’s filled with lots of promise, dreams and hopes and joys,

The Christmas Train comes to pick up all good little girls and boys



Heads Square Thru to 4 hands Lets make a right hand star, Heads star left go one time

same pair do a do sa do, Swing thru and the Boys Trade

Swing Promenade Side By Side,

We’ll all join the children for the Christmas Train Ride


Middle Break

Sides Face Grand Square

Santa is on the throttle, Rudolph’s by his side

all the elves and reindeer are onboard for the Christmas train ride

Allemande and Weave

The train is filled with magic and lots of Christmas cheer,

Santa’s playing Christmas Carols for all the world to hear.



Sides Face Grand Square

Hear the whistle blowing, spreading Christmas cheer,

Everyone is singing Christmas Carols, it’s the happiest time of year,

Allemande And Weave

When the train returns to the station, and Santa boards the Sleigh,

we’ll all be having wonderful dreams as we wait for Christmas day.